Robert L. Buchanan  ceo

Robert L. Buchanan - serial entrepreneur and investor; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, University of Miami, co-founder Ambulero, co-founder Idogen AS (IDOGEN: SS; listed on NASDAQ June, 2020); early investor RhoVAC AS (RHOVAC: Spotlight); GC Avexxin AS, PhD. UCLA, Biology Fellow CalTech, former Associate GC Biogen, Ventac Partners LLC, Boston

Randy Berholtz  CFO

Mesa Verde Venture Partners, executive level positions at Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Apricus Biosciences, ACON laboratories, Nanogen, Inglewood Ventures, LP, Ventac Partners LLC, San Diego

Khemraj Hirani  CRO

>21 years of investigational drugs/biologics experience from bench to clinic. Principal strategic and regulatory consultant for clinical, scientific, and regulatory SME for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, PriZm Therapeutics, IGEA Pharma, Betalin Therapeutics, Eyepharma Inc, AAHRPP. Certified clinical (RPH), IRB (CIP), and Regulatory (RAC-US) professional dedicated to bringing novel therapies to market for unmet medical conditions.

Poul Sørensen  Chair, SAB

>25 years of Pharma/Biotech R&D experience in immunotherapy. CSO, Allero, Senior Management ALK, Stallergenes, LEO Pharma, Micromet, Pharmacia. Professor of Biomedicine

Abbreos, Inc. is an IND-stage company focused on developing a non-invasive and biodegradable oral patch that can treat medical conditions associated with a potentially lethal cytokine storm. The patch combines a proprietary muco-adhesive patch with an embedded biologic that can calm a hyperactive immune system. The oral patch can be used against cytokine storms associated with a variety of medical conditions including those in which an infectious agent plays a role.